Secheurs a membrane


SD 1P À 7P  |  DE 6,4 À 116 CFM  |  DE 102 À 190 PSI  |  PDPS 32°C/55°F
SD 1N À 7N  |  DE 3,2 À 95,4 CFM  |  DE 102 À 190 PSI  |  PDPS 55°C/100°F


SD membrane dryers: saving energy, driving efficiency

Delivering quality air

Untreated compressed air contains  moisture, aerosols and dirt particles that can damage your air system and contaminate your end product. Resulting maintenance costs can far exceed air treatment costs. We believe in effective prevention.

Increas e your production reliability

Low quality air heightens the risk of corrosion in your system, which can lower the life span of air tools and production equipment. Atlas Copco’s filters and dryers produce high quality air that enhances your system’s reliability, avoiding costly downtime and production delays.

Reduce your energy costs

Clean, treated air reduces the risk of corrosion and leaks in your compressed air system. A 3 mm leak could easily add up to EUR1800 to your energy bill annually.

Safeguard your product quality

Compressed air coming into contact with your final products should not affect their quality. Atlas Copco’s quality air solutions provide the clean, dry air that will protect your product’s reputation in the marketplace.

Protect t he environment

With leaks and energy waste minimized and the disposal of untreated condensate eliminated, you can safeguard the environment and comply with international regulations.

Clean air…... In extreme conditions

Removing oil, particles and moisture from compressed air in the most demanding conditions, Atlas Copco’s SD membrane dryers with pre-filters eliminate the results of low quality air at the lowest energy cost. Thanks to their pioneering Advanced Fiber Technology, SD dryers ensure the lowest pressure drop and purge air loss for the highest possible efficiency – saving you time and money through your production process.

From small spaces to environments with fluctuating ambient temperatures, SD dryers can perform in a wide variety of harsh and critical conditions. SD dryers also come with different types of membranes, each with a range of performance, to offer you the exact air treatment you require.



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